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Time Witness Research “New York 9/11 – War in Times of Peace”

Research assignment for the new panorama by the artist Yadegar Asisi entitled “New York 9/11”

„New York 9/11 –  War in Times of Peace” is a commemorative exhibition, but goes well beyond the practice of commemoration. The “time witnesses” part of the exhibition tells the story of the events in the 20 years after September 11, with a special focus on the war on terror.

For this purpose, the individual fates of contemporary time witnesses who personally experienced the consequences of the war on terror are presented in text and images. Since this war in Europe all too often remains a vague, unimaginable concept, the exhibition aims to make the tangible consequences of these wars visible and to give the anonymous victims a face.

The exhibition deals with their stories, but also directly with topics such as drone attacks, torture, CIA kidnappings, women’s rights in Afghanistan, discrimination against Hazaras in Afghanistan, education for girls in Afghanistan, racism and discrimination because of counter-terrorism measures (e.g. “muslim ban” ). 

"New York 9/11 - War in Times of Peace"
Yadegar Asisi - "New York 9/11 - War in Times of Peace", Leipzig, 2022