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Research Skills

Research Skills

The course offers an introduction into the basic skills for conducting scientific research and lays the foundation for a critical scientific attitude.


Workshop brainstorm, 2016

The specialised course looks at dramaturgy both in a theoretical and practical way, focusing on the newest dramaturgical developments in the contemporary theatre- and dance landscape. At the forefront are not only the (new) dramaturgical treatment of the theatre text, but also contemporary dramaturgies of the body, of media, of sound and of visuality.

Ritual Aspects of Theatre

Shakespear Company, Hamlet (David Tennant), 2008 (Photo: Donald Cooper / Rex Features)

This course helps students acquire insight into the connection between ritual, theatre and communication media in history and in the present day.

Workshops Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy Workshops

In various dramaturgical workshops, the students of the master’s seminar get to know dramaturgy as a practice. During the workshops, the students come into contact with the practical aspects of performance dramaturgy in a small group under the guidance of artists and dramaturges.