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„Das Dritte Reich und wir”

Das Dritte Reich und Wir

In the participatory project, 10 German municipalities work through the Nazi history of their community and present the results in an exhibition.

Workshops Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy Workshops

In various dramaturgical workshops, the students of the master’s seminar get to know dramaturgy as a practice. During the workshops, the students come into contact with the practical aspects of performance dramaturgy in a small group under the guidance of artists and dramaturges.

“Feuerwehren in der NS-Zeit”

Feuerwehren in der NS-Zeit

The project offers fire brigades in Germany the opportunity to come to terms with the history of their own brigade at the time of National Socialism.

L’Ordre Intérieur

L'Ordre Intérieur 2015

The movie shows different body doubles that seem to be caught in a mysterious, labyrinthine environment. Unable to escape, strange encounters take place.

La Chute

La Chute

The film is loosely inspired on the book by Albert Camus and proposes to think of the self as a fluid identity, or even as a schenzophrenic subjectivity.

The Assignment

The Assignment

The movie is inspired by well-known mainstream spy movies and takes up the theme of 5 doppelgängers involved in a mysterious conspiracy.

Vantage Point

Ariane Loze - Vantage Point, 2011

The performance aims to unmask the power of perspective by making the central POV of the camera inaccessible to an audience that is free to move around.



Back to basics. No grand sets or expensive special effects, no extended cast. Only one actress who continually transforms herself into other characters.